Monday, January 19, 2009

Where the music is

I've been starting back on the horn after taking a break to let my lower lip heal from the callus that developed due to poor technique, a worn mouthpiece, and using pressure to get high notes. Paying more attention to how the sound is created than to the music as such led to the realization that on some level I sometimes act as though the music is in the instrument and in the score.

While working on embouchure and trying not to force notes, there came the idea that the music is inside me, not inside the horn, and that awareness really helped create a more natural embouchure and sound. It's a simple notion, but could be useful motif in talking about a range of musical issues, e.g. rhythm, gesture and articulation. 

Horn instructions always include the "hear the note before playing it". That works just as well for rhythm, gesture and articulation, no matter the instrument. 

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