Thursday, January 22, 2009

Digital Recorder

I just got a Sony PCM D50 digital recorder and it looks to be a great tool. It has two condenser mics onboard and 4 MB memory. All it really does is record very well and allow you to edit out and delete the bits you don't want. I'd thought it would be useful to make trial recordings of the CD to go with the learning materials, but it may be good enough to make the real thing. 

Using the onboard mics means the mix is a result of where players are in relation to one another and the recorder. Any EQ adjustments and reverb additions will have to be made on the WAV files on the Tascam multitrack or Garage band before burning the CD.

What's great is that it's very easy to operate and has plenty of memory, so I can just set it to go and then just worry about making music without being a recording engineer at the same time

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