Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Musikgarten at the Music Room

A cellist with the Rapidan Orchestra has experience with the Musikgarten organization, and has started classes in the Music Room. Here are some pics:

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Music Room Pics

Here are some pics of two recent events at the Music Room. The first was the annual Handel Party, which began many years ago with my friend Susan on flute, me on alto flute and Dr. Andy on cello playing through the ten pieces in the Water Music and the Music for the Royal Fireworks that need only three or four voices to play. Over time more players were involved and more pieces were typed into Finale, and this year we had it at the Music Room and invited the Rapidan Orchestra, and Dr. Andy who's been a part of it all since the beginning. 

Here are two shots from either side with Benjamin conducting. 

Here is a pic of our timpanist Don. We did the entire Music for the Royal Fireworks (transposed from D down to G to keep the brass out of the screaming high range). This was the first time we've had timpani joining in and the effect was terrific.

Here are a few more pics.

And here are some pics of the supper following the music in the reception area of the Music Room.

The second event was a reception and chamber recital for supporters of the Rapidan Orchestra, again with Benjamin conducting (and playing the harpsichord). We set the musicians up against the long wall, which allowed for the audience to be seated in a semi-circle around us. 

The audience response was, if anything, even more enthusiastic than the full orchestra concert last April. Three reasons I think why are:

1) - The acoustics are very live and you can hear all the instruments well. 

2) - The full lighting helps the audience feel more a part of what the musicians are doing. 

3) - A number of people in the audience I've known all my life, and I think we as a group are pleasantly, but very, surprised something like this is happening in Orange.