Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summertime at Piedmont

Here are Dick Stageberg on trumpet and Steve Sanford on trombone improvising two times through Summertime. 

Summer Jazz Set Lists

Here is the sheet I did up for Ed to use running the mixer at our recent performance. Tunes without asterisks are standard Dixieland arrangements, those with one asterisk are ones I've done in the past and just tweaked a bit this time, and those with two asterisks are the ones I've done since this past March when I learned our hostess for this event was a lover of all kinds of jazz, not just Dixieland.

Summer Jazz At Piedmont

1st Set

*Hello Dolly - Guitar
   Three times through - vocal; instrumental; vocal & instrumental
*Eliza Jane - Banjo
   Everybody gets a solo
Little Brown Jug - Banjo
   Instrumental Dixieland tune (clarinet solo)
*Deep River Blues - Guitar
   Short a capella guitar intro - then a mix of vocals & solos
Hard Hearted Hannah - Banjo
   Dixieland tune with short vocal about half way through
Charleston - Banjo
   Instrumental Dixieland tune.
**I'll Be Seeing You - Guitar
   All instrumental arrangement two times through
*Georgia On My Mind - Guitar
   Clarinet intro, then vocal 1st time instrumental 2nd time
*Tuxedo Junction - Banjo
    All instrumental arrangement two times through
**Moonlight Serenade - Guitar
    All instrumental arrangement one time through
**It Ain't Necessarily So - Banjo
    Trumpet, Vocal & Trombone solos
Shortnin' Bread - Banjo
   Dixieland tune (clarinet solo)
Swaneeland - Banjo
   Dixieland tune (ends with tuba solo)
**Summertime - Guitar
   Twice through - 1st time trumpet, 2nd time trombone

2nd Set

Floatin' Down To Cotton Town - Banjo
   Dixieland tune (tuba solo)
**Blue Skies - Banjo
   Trombone/banjo intro; then 1st time vocal; 2nd time sax & clar.; 3rd time all
Tin Roof Blues - Banjo
   Dixieland tune (clarinet solo)
*Ain't She Sweet - Banjo
   1st time vocal; 2nd time instrumental
Do You Know What It Means - Banjo
   Dixieland tune
Sioux City Sue - Banjo
   Dixieland tune
St. James Infirmary Blues - Banjo
   Dixieland tune - Dick has the vocal
Midnight In Moscow - Banjo
   Dixieland tune
**Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Guitar
   Vocal & Trombone on verse; 1st chorus vocal; 2nd chorus trpt/clar/trpt
The Entertainer - Banjo
   Dixieland tune (tuba solo)
It Don't Mean A Thing - Banjo
   Dixieland tune
Silver Threads - Banjo
   Dixieland tune
       Fidgety Feet - Banjo
             Dixieland tune
         Panama - Banjo
             Dixieland tune
*Just A Closer Walk - Banjo
   I'll call out who does what when
*The Saints - Banjo
   I'll call out who does what when

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Performance Diary

Here are some pictures from our performance last night.

Here we are during the soundcheck, right after the rain stopped. You can see how everything had gotten scrunched together to keep the electrical stuff out of the rain. For the second set we moved the large amps out onto the lawn off to the side of the tent.

This shot shows Ed in the back running the mixer. The original plan was for him to be down in front, but the rain had us set up this way.

This shot shows how the audience was on a level a bit lower than we were. There were also tables spread out around the lawn.

Here we are late into the second set.