Saturday, February 9, 2019

Rapidan Rehearsal Pics

Here are some candid shots of a Thursday evening Rapidan rehearsal at the Music Room taken by Phil Audibert and his wife Susie. 

These first two give some context of the group as a whole.

Here are two of Benjamin giving a sense of his expressiveness and his humor.

Here's the brass section - Don B on the right, then John, then me.

And here's a nice closeup of John.

Here are the violins, in no particular order, starting with Brian.


Charles W


Ray, who's on violin this semester, but is equally adept on viola and cello




And here's the viola section starting with Kelly who was our only regular viola for quite some time
and Darlene, who joined us this year

The cello section is Roger (l) and Caroline (r)

and Joe B (l) and Stephen (r)

And on string bass, here's Joe B Jr.
With a second shot showing how they hold their bows

And in the woodwinds, Charles on oboe

Don D on clarinet

Don A on flute

Lynne on flute

Madelyn on bassoon

And here's Don W on the timpani
And  in this shot you can see him muting after striking the drum, something he has to do all the time