Monday, October 19, 2009

Judy Collins / Amazing Grace

Here's that 1970 Judy Collins version of Amazing Grace mentioned in the previous post. Everyone's wired differently through nature and nurture and the paths they follow, and I know there are folks who don't like her voice. Works for me, though. Plus, hearing it triggers wonderful memories of the last millennium. 

added note - According to the end of the video, the choir is far from a "folk" one, and it does sound as if recorded in a cathedral. Somewhere back at the time I remember seeing a photo of her singing it with a large group of regular people in a church, and had assumed that was where the recording came from.

UPDATE - A commenter put me on the right track. The story of how the recording was done may be found here


  1. From what I read, the choir consisted of a few of her friends in an old church... with microphones staggered throughout the building to give the effect of tons of people.

  2. Thanks for the comment - What you say is what I'd always thought until this video said otherwise. I also have a dim memory of seeing a photo much as you describe. If I can nail down the actual facs, will come back to update. No longer have the original album, which may have said something about where that trackt was done.

  3. Anonymous was right - It was recorded in a church with a few friends and with mic placement for that sound.