Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Opening Night Pics

This past Friday night we had a performance by the Rapidan Orchestra at the Music Room, and, courtesy of Jeff Poole of the Orange County Review, here are some pictures of our first public event.

Before things got underway, Rapidan conductor Benjamin Bergey thanked Karla for all she's done to make the Music Room a reality. As Benjamin said, the Music Room is the new home of the Rapidan Orchestra, as we'll be rehearsing and performing there.

Here's a shot from rear of the room. Besides the audience members seen, there are others sitting to the right of the large opening into the reception area.

This shot shows the back of the room, and one the ladders along the wall dating from when the building was a hardware store with floor to ceiling shelves.

Here are some pics of the orchestra and Benjamin.

Here are some pics of our soloist for this concert, Robert Carlson.

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