Friday, July 20, 2012

Music, Fiction & Apprehension

A recent post of Kyle Gann's, Literature as a Mirror, along with the extensive comments, is  wonderful conceptual exploration of music and fiction and group think. I've reread it a number of times and have yet to keep all the thoughts it triggers in any kind of tidy bundle. For now just want to bookmark it and paste in my comment.

This is an amazing post and discussion, full of idea boxes to unpack. I am as in agreement with your basic argument as my general unfamiliarity with new music and fiction allow. I’ve been happy to leave *most* of it outside my sphere of interest ever since majoring in English back in ’71 and getting a whiff of what was coming down the line. What you’re calling sophistication has always come across to me more as pretentiousness, and in-crowd validation, once I left academia.

But what’s driving this comment is your phrase, “try to expand my means of apprehension to appreciate what was there”. That’s what your language on this blog, and your music, particularly The Planets, has done for me. It’s a very handy phrase for talking about a dimension of art/music/literature that’s not neccessarily present in entertainment.
It also seems a good phrase for talking about the purpose of Buddhist mind training (and a lot of other spiritual endeavors), which is not meant to be mere routine, but a catalyst.
Really glad you’ve kept on blogging for a while!


  1. Anonymous20/7/12 17:55

    Hi there, you have an amazing blog. It really touches me.
    Im a veteran suffering from severe ptsd.
    I am a musician and it saves my life. I have been through very traumatic situations in my life. Only music could lift me up. Im still struggling every day. I mostly stay at home. Keep writing it is very important to talk and write about these things. I can help you in many ways since im 41 years old and been through things. If you have any questions i will be happy to answer and give feedback.

  2. Thanks for that comment, and keep on commenting when something connects. Before I started the blog I commented on a few sites I liked and got some good feedback and that gave me the idea of starting one of my own.

    Blogging can be very therapeutic in itself as it really just a form of journaling, which has been a mode of self expression and discovery for a very long time - so maybe consider that on down the road.

    Modern music therapy got it's start helping with WWII vets with what was then called "shell shock". Keep making your music!