Thursday, July 15, 2010

Audio Note

At the Picnic in the Park this year the audio setup worked very well. One reason we got a better audience response was that more of them could hear us.

The basic configuration was two large keyboard amps up off the ground flanking the players who sat in a flattened semi-circle with me standing in the middle in the front. All the instruments and mics were behind the plane of those two amps. Also had a small keyboard amp facing forward, but back next to Judy and the drums. My guitar was plugged into that, along with a dynamic mic on Maggie's clarinet and a bit of the main feed going out to the big amps. Had a condenser mic front and center, but behind the plane of the big amps, for me to sing into and to pick up the group as a whole, and another for the trumpet and trombone to aim at during their solos. Also ran a line from the little amp into the mixer to go into the main feed. The two tubas had dynamic mics in their bells which were plugged into the mixer.

Not sure why, but if I got too close to the vocal mic, the sound went wonky, with sort of a treblely ringing, but being 8 to 12 inches away gave a great sound. The setup worked well because it helped us hear each other as well as helping the audience hear us. Besides getting compliments on our playing, there were a few on how well the sound system was working. I was particularly proud of there not being a single feedback screech from setting up and turning on to turning off and packing up. I think if you let one of those nasty sounds erupt from your system, everyone is sort of on guard for a while and not able to be fully open to your sound.

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