Thursday, February 25, 2010

Music for Parkinson's Disease

This article discusses using music therapy to help people with Parkinson's disease, and then goes on to talk about the importance of music in early education.

. . .“The research points over and over again to that when we use our muscles in a rhythmic fashion, we get stronger muscle contractions. We get more organized and coordinated muscle contractions,” Johnson said. “So, therefore, they can move in smoother trajectory patterns in a more organized, coordinated fashion.”. . .

. . . Those in the field of biomedical research in music contend that much like math and language, music should be a core curriculum due to its benefits for the human brain. . . “Not everybody who has to take math in high school or junior high school ends up becoming a mathematician, but we would still probably all agree that it is good for the brain to learn, to train, to think in numbers and quantities. It’s the same thing with music,” he said.

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