Sunday, December 20, 2009

Visual Neglect

This BBC story talks about how someone who has "visual neglect" due to a stroke can have improved vision by simply listening to music they like.

>>> Neglect occurs when the right parietal lobe of the brain, which affects space and navigation, is affected. . .  those affected would behave as if the left side of sensory space were nonexistent.
In extreme cases, they might not eat the food on the left side of their plate, or if asked to draw a clock, their drawing might only show the numbers 12 and one to six, the other half being distorted or left blank. This changed when they listened to their favourite music.

"They became aware of things on their bad side that were often missed if they were not listening to it," he said.

"We also did some functional brain imaging - and what we showed was that activity, around where the stroke had been, increased." <<<

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