Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Horn Endurance

Jonathan West has in this post nicely summed up, amplified and put into larger context the extremely helpful and on point advice on horn endurance he's been giving me in the comments here. He's obviously spent a lot of time thoughtfully considering a wide range of issues relating to music making, especially in ensembles large and small.

More importantly, he's able to write clearly and concisely. My situation is somewhat unusual, and like they say, your mileage may vary, but I find his writing on music making some of the best I've come across, and a model for what I hope to do in my materials.

When I started blogging a year ago this month, I never guessed one of the benefits would be to get such wonderful help on learning the horn. Thanks, Jonathan!


  1. You're very welcome. I started blogging in the hope that what I have learned about the horn and about music making might be useful and interesting to others. It is a great pleasure to find that this is so.

    I almost feel I have been taking advantage of you, in that problems and difficulties you have raised seem to have been the trigger for quite a lot of the articles on my blog.

  2. Jonathan - That last bit made me laugh out loud, as I've thought several times here lately maybe I should advise you that the extensive writing you've been doing in the comments here should be saved for your own blog ;-)

    So take as much advantage as you'd like of stuff you find here! Between the horn info and your musicality/mimicry writings you've significantly increased my understanding of music making.