Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What A Friend : score

Here's a late draft of the score we're playing from in the post below. In the final print out for the individual instruments, the soprano and bass go on the left page each on its own staff, and the alto and tenor on the right. That makes it easier for folks not used to reading piano music. The guitar chords are above the bass staff instead of the treble so that those playing the bass line can more easily see and associate them with their appropriate notes. And in the two page layout it's much easier to tweak the placement of the chord names so they don't touch note stems.

Putting this up just to see how it looks on the blog, and it seems too small to be useable if printed out as is, and if you zoom in it gets distorted looking. But it does serve the purpose of indicating just how much of the performance below is improvised.

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