Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Emotions & Musicians

Here's a post over on  Expressing the inexpressible...? that both the horn blogs I follow mentioned. In the post and comments, high end performers talk about how many bitter people they encounter in their world and cover the subject pretty thoroughly. There seems to be agreement that during the actual music making everything is copacetic, but that things can get fractious during all the down time.

My first thought was that some musicians have personalities that need a carapace of some kind to deal with the vulnerability expressing all those emotions on cue requires. That lead to remembering that quote Terry Teachout put up of Noël Coward's about actors not actually feeling all emotions every performance, or they wouldn't be "acting". 

There's probably a full range from fully feeling all the emotions of the music while making it, to mere, but effective simulation. There's that great quote (Sam Goldwyn?), "If you can fake sincerity, you've got it made".

Lots to think about. Just wanted to save the link and jot down a few first impressions. This all ties into the Phil Ford posts on ego and being in the flow, as well as maestro trying to get us to play with audience stirring enthusiasm.

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