Tuesday, May 5, 2009


In all kinds of ways great and small, making music involves the interplay of what Jung categorized as the areas of thinking, feeling, intuition and sensation. Because of my working a lot with the horn here lately I've come to realize just how important proprioception is in creating the sounds you want. To get the right note on a horn, the required proprioception of the embouchure is extremely detailed, but on any instrument it's a vital component to good technique.

Here's a post by Phil Ford where he talks about our perceiving dualisms that aren't really there. In trying to explain to people how to go about developing their talents and skills as music makers, part of it is talking about things in isolation (fingering, dynamics, tone, intonation, etc.), but the deep coherence of well played music comes from an appreciation and manifestation of what back in the 60's was being called the gestalt. The feedback loops within and among the areas of thinking, feeling, intuition, and sensation become so intertwined and complex our consciousness no longer needs or heeds the categories. And every so often the categories of the music maker and the music may fade as well.

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