Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Layout Tinkering

I asked my two long term music making friends Susan and Andy to check out the blog, and at their suggestion have done some more tinkering with the layout, mostly increasing font sizes and darkening colors. It looks fine to me in Safari and in the AOL browser. Further comment welcome, especially if something is unreadable. 

The Google Analytics page they offer for free is amazing. It tells me how many unique visitors and page views there are each day, along with all kinds of statistics that, as yet, I haven't any real idea what they mean.

If the blog ever turns up in someone's Google search request and they click on it, I'll be able to see what it was they were looking for that led them here. I keep thinking that all this technology has to be transforming the culture in ways we won't really see until we're further down the road. 

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