Thursday, June 23, 2011

The 2.0 Series

I've started using the tag "2.0" for a series of posts that may end up as pages of a book on how to go about learning to make music. Over time I'll probably go back and try to tighten up the language and add more to them. They'll all be on topics that need to be covered one way or another, most of which I've been posting on and thinking about over the years. 

Currently I'm trying to lay out a general operational, philosophical framework a music therapist might use to best understand what a client wants to do and how to go about helping them succeed. 

While I'm blogging about blogging, my recent discovery that I can see what posts are getting hits each day has shown me that on any given day, by far the most hits are due to search engines sending people to a wide variety of older posts. Sometimes I can't even remember the point of the post by just seeing the title. I really like the idea that I'm filling a niche, no matter how tiny it is. I continue to find the internet an astonishing new thing, and can't really imagine how for younger people it's just the way things are.

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