Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Body Music

Here are two links I want to save. Jeffrey Agrell in this one talks about the physical aspect of being in good playing shape. And in this one, Elaine Fine talks about a sign interpreter interpreting music of the avant garde.

Both posts get at how there's such a physical side to music and to music making. It's easy to slip into a default mind/body dualism where we think the music is in our heads and the body's just a mechanism. 

Trying to feel the music making as coming from our hearts instead of our heads is one way to get at resolving the dualism. Also, the more we realize just how much our physical nature affects our music making, and then use that awareness to inform our music, my sense is that it will help us to make better music and to deepen our connection with the audience.

Photo - teeny tiny butterfly on lavender.

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